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Breaking news

new server — by admin at 03/11/19 (Mon) 22:01:01

After months of searching we have found a new server that we will soon be able to call home. As most of you know these have been our temporary home since the relaunch. these new servers will not only be faster but will give us more space. That means we can do more NIB project related things. So within a months time we will be moving over there. If you happen to come and access the site and things don't look right that means we are in the process of getting everything moved.

A few changes to the index. — by Admin at 12/16/18 (Sun) 08:30:16

I've been needing to get off my ass and edit the index board for a while now. Well tonight i have finally half ass done so. I have added two new boards as well as a link to the shitty index that shows the recent post. I have had a few of you ask for that. As for the image not responding to mobile we are willing to change it if you can create one for us. If you do just post it in the meta board and we will have a look!

Good News Everyone — by admin at 12/13/17 (Wed) 10:04:15

We have successfully found our old country nuke files. So starting tomorrow we will begin working on getting all thr flags turned into nukes.

Also we will be adding a couple more boards.

Banners — by admin at 12/03/17 (Sun) 09:29:02

We finally got our php script for the banners to work. There is a thread going on about it in the /meta board, if you would like to create a banner for us go there and post it in that thread thanks.

server swapping. — by admin at 11/27/17 (Mon) 09:29:17

Well x10 has fucked over and we are tired of waiting for them to get their shit together, so basically we took a backup that we had of the build before they cleared our server for some odd reason and put it here on 000. this is only while we are in the building process of this all. Once we are satisfied we will be moving to our final server.