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Here is a Q&A thread. Ask questions and I will answer them in a podcast at the end of the week.


i see that you guys are on a new software. How different is it compared to the old one. (aside from the obvious things that we can see)


Will we be able to create our own boards?


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Will you guys allow youtube embedding?


This is something that will surely come. Right now we are focusing on getting a proper home page built and still making sure that the webm is still stable.


will the boards without captcha come back? Or captchaless weekends.


What the hell is 66chan.pw? It uses Nuclear-IB for its banners and some pages.


Old version of N-IB it's setup to serve as a museum of sorts. It was working up to the point that reCAPTCHA updated. The devs said they aren't going to update it.

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