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66chan discorvery thread, i'll start
>be me
>over at your cousins house
>be browsing 4chan, but get sidetracked
>type in random combination of numbers following by chan just to see what would pop up
>come to what was called 66chan
>Looks normal, but kinda sketchy
>there are links at the homepage, one leading to a site called Xchan
>check that out, its all in portugese or something
>come back a few months later after a few updates, have to say i like it


File: 1544488708725.jpg (11.8 KB, 400x400, ctemp.jpg)

that was our very old look and layout. As much as we and everyone else loved it, the time had come to put it to rest.. We are still working on a lot with this build but I think its coming along. Happy to have yo here and hope you stick around.


>hear about something called (the great migration)

>discover that it was a smaller imageboard gaining a lot of speed

>become a regular at smaller board (NIB) at the time

>Site goes down because war between smaller board and bigger board gets nasty

>dead ling for half a year

>start looking for other smaller boards that I can participate on……

>come across something called 66chan

>realize it looks identical to what NIB was…. Realize that it is NIB

>back in action

>one year later the site goes through a major overhaul and goes back to its original domain.

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